Novato Sanitary District | Creating Worth From All of Novato's Waste

Reducing Food Waste

Saves Money

  • 40% of our food is wasted, an average of 400 lbs per person each year.
  • The average family of 4 wastes $1,800 on uneaten food.

Helps the Planet

  • 100 lbs of food waste in our landfills sends 8.3 lbs of methane into the atmosphere.
  • 25% of the world's fresh water supply is used to grow food that is never eaten.

Helps Others

  • If our country reduced food waste by only 15%, we could feed 25 million more people every year.

And is Required by California Law

  • California is a leader in reducing food waste and greenhouse gases, and has enacted rigorous waste disposal legislation, such as SB1383, which mandates a 50% reduction in organic waste disposal by 2020, a 75% reduction by 2025 and a 20% improvement in edible food recovery by 2025.

Join Novato Sanitary District in its Goal to Achieve ZERO Waste

Novato Sanitary District's franchise agreement with Recology requires recycling and composting of organics in order to reduce food waste in our landfills and achieve ZERO waste goals.

How You Can Reduce Food Waste

  • Use your green bin for food scraps and green waste or set up a backyard compost bin.
  • Plan meals in advance and only shop for what you need.
  • Store food properly at appropriate temperatures.
  • Store edible leftovers in small portions.
  • Donate food to a local food bank or food rescue organization.