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What's New at Novato Sanitary

Novato Sanitary District Earns Award For Eight Years of Perfect Wastewater Treatment Plant Compliance

There are nearly 15,000 wastewater treatment plants in the country and only about 150 earn the coveted Platinum Peak Performance Award... [read more]

PG&E Safety Warning on Wipes

There has been lots of news about the many harmful clogs and sewer spills in homes and out in the public sewer system caused by flushing wet wipes. [read more]

Social Distancing Protocol

Novato Sanitary District social distancing policy protocol, as mandated by County Health Officer. [read more]

COVID-19 Video shows impact of wipes clogging sewer facilities

NOVATO, Calif. (KGO) -- The massive number of people using sanitary wipes to disinfect during the coronavirus outbreak is threatening sewage plants and officials say the wipes can even pose a danger to your home plumbing... [read more]

COVID-19 UPDATE: TV News on Keeping Wipes Out of Pipes!

It has some great visuals, including a photo showing one of our staff members with a clogged pump, crews unclogging sewer pipes with a Vactor truck, and a quick water test showing how durable disinfecting wipes are... [read more]

COVID-19 UPDATE: Working to Keep You Safe

UPDATED: March 17, 2020 2:00 PM - With the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, we want to update our customers on our services and reiterate that we remain focused on continuing to work every day and around the clock to safely protect and serve the public, our staff, and the environment... [read more]

Novato Sanitary District’s Refinance Will Save Over $3.2 Million

Novato Sanitary District General Manager Sandeep Karkal announced today that the District has successfully completed the refinancing of its outstanding State Revolving Fund Loan, which was used to complete the rebuild of the wastewater treatment plant in 2011... [read more]

Novato Sanitary District’s Credit Rating Raised to Highest Level with Expected Savings of $3 Million

S&P Global Ratings has raised Novato Sanitary District’s credit rating to the highest level, “AAA,” offered by the ratings agency. The increased “triple A” credit rating is expected to save the District about $270,000 per year on a refinancing for an overall savings of about $3 million dollars... [read more]

Novato Sanitary District is Pleased to Report on Numerous Recent Awards for Service Excellence

This year, Novato Sanitary District received numerous awards for excellence in the areas of treatment plant performance, financial reporting, wastewater collection system performance, and laboratory testing quality... [read more]