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Novato Sanitary District is committed to a clean community, a clean Bay and a clean environment. To accomplish this goal, the District built new wastewater treatment facilities, and is renovating its pipeline collection system, expanding recycled water production and enhancing its solid waste collection, composting and recycling programs.

In 2002, the District created a master plan setting forth strategic polices that continue to be carried out today. The plan was supplemented by a wastewater facilities master plan, a collection system master plan, extensive recycled water planning and five–year financial plans.

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Green Business

The District is a green business. New facilities were built to modern green standards, and the District has received an award of $108,000 from PG&E for energy saving measures in the projects. As a result of these actions, the District has reduced greenhouse gasses by over 13%, and will self-generate 40% of its electrical power needs, up from 8%.

Novato Sanitary District recycles water by irrigating this pasture and also extensive wetlands.