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We are on the job
24 hours a day,
365 days a year.
We Are a Green Business

Protecting Our Sewer System

Our Crews Respond 24/7 to Keep Your Sewer System Working Safely

Most of us never think about the pipeline collection system because it works reliably—round-the-clock, year after year. This service is made possible by long-term planning, cost effective engineering, and proactive maintenance by dedicated, highly trained crews.

Day or Night, Our Crews Respond to Emergencies at a Moment’s Notice

Rescuing a Dog, Putting Out Fires—Our Crews Go Above and Beyond

Helping a Dog in Danger.
Our crews are committed to serving the public. Just ask the happy family that belongs to the dog that was rescued by one of our crews. The lost canine was spotted by Bob Stiles, Jr., and Joe Moreno, running back and forth on a busy road as cars sped by. They stopped their truck and called the dog, who jumped right in with them and was soon reunited with his happy humans.

Fast-Thinking Use of Sewer Cleaning Truck to Put Out a Fire.
In another unusual act of service, one of our crews spotted a small fire at a park-and-ride lot in Southern Novato. Thinking quickly, they used the water jet equipment on the hydroflusher truck to put it out, while alerting the fire department.

Proactive Maintenance Keeps the Entire Sewer System Working Safely and Efficiently

Pump Stations Require Regular Maintenance

To ensure that sewer pump stations operate reliably, our crews inspect and maintain them regularly. These pump stations lift sewage out of low areas and help move it downstream to the treatment plant. The pump stations incorporate sophisticated electronic controls, pumps, motors, backup systems, and remote monitoring and telemetry systems.

CCTV Inspection to Ensure Quality

The District uses special closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) that can maneuver through sewer lines, conducting detailed video inspections and identifying issues for subsequent repair. Below, a camera is being lowered into a manhole.

High-Tech Maintenance Management

Our crews use Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to track maintenance on all facilities. The sewer system CMMS combines information about each pipe’s age, location, maintenance history and other data. This allows our staff to track our pipeline assets and helps identify and prioritize maintenance activities.

Smart Sewer Access Covers (aka Manhole lids) Help Us Stop Sewer Spills

Most sewer access covers are a simple slab of iron—today, we have strategically located “smart” lids with sensors that help us identify high flows during storms, monitor the potential for overflows, and provide information to help ensure the sewer system is operating properly

These sensors transmit real-time via satellite to mobile devices that are monitored 24/7 by our crews, allowing for quicker and more efficient response strategies.

Innovative Solutions to Improve Performance

Our crews continue to “think out of the box” and find creative solutions to get the job done in a simpler and more cost-effective manner.

As an example, our crews fabricated a simple device combining an inflatable sewer plug with bracing, and used it to divert a portion of sewage flow from one sewer piping sub-system to another when needed during storms, decreasing the potential for sewer system overflows.