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Recycled Water

Recycles 100% of Summer Flows on Wetlands and Pastures. Novato Sanitary District recycles water on hundreds of acres of beautiful pasture land and to supply wetlands with critically needed water.

Provides Recycled Water For Golf Course. Working closely with North Marin Water District, Novato Sanitary District is providing up to 500,000 gallons per day of recycled water for use on Stone Tree Golf Course.

Participating in Collaborative Recycled Water Program. The District has also joined with other local water and wastewater agencies to expand the amount of recycled water for reuse on wildlife wetlands, golf courses and for irrigation of large landscapes and agriculture across the North Bay. In Marin County, the District is working with North Marin Water District and Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District to provide recycled water to large landscape, golf courses, school and park turf areas, commercial users west of U.S. 101, the Fireman's Fund Companies, Valley Memorial Park Cemetery and landscape irrigation at Hamilton Field, including the Coast Guard housing area.

For Information. For more information About Our Recycled Water Project: see the North Bay Water Reuse Authority website at or North Marin Water District website at

Did you know ... ?

Because recycled water uses less energy compared to most other new sources of water, replacing those sources with recycled water decreases carbon output and greenhouse gasses.

Stone Tree Golf Course is irrigated with recycled water from a cooperative project of Novato Sanitary District and North Marin Water District.

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