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Utilizing Recycled Water for Wetlands Ponds and Pastureland

It's Good For the Environment, Supports Wildlife AND Provides Cost Savings

The District utilizes an environmentally smart, low-cost way to use its high-quality, treated wastewater during the spring and summer by collecting it in wildlife ponds and then using the water to irrigate an area it leases for cattle pasture.

Supporting Birds

The District's 800 acres of pastureland and wetlands are not only a low cost wastewater disposal method, but birds and other wildlife benefit from the improved habitat. The most recent bird count this week, found 46 species, including hawks, egrets, several species of duck and many other birds (The complete list of birds found at the District reclamation ponds is found below). To learn more visit the Bay Nature website by clicking here.

Maintaining Agricultural Heritage, Preserving Open Space

Irrigating the ponds and pasturelands with recycled water also helps maintain a link to Novato's agricultural heritage because the District leases the land to a rancher for cattle pasture. Additionally, as part of the lease the rancher is responsible for the care of the property and pays a lease fee, making it even more cost-effective for the District.

Birds spotted at Recycled Water Area in November 2013


“Birds were everywhere: ducks, coots and grebes in the ponds, blackbirds in the tule, sparrows flushing from the coyote-bush alongside the dirt roads, ruby-crowned kinglets flitting in the eucalyptus, raptors perched on distant wires, skeins of geese threading through the air...”

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