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Solid Waste Management

Since 1978, Novato Sanitary District and its franchise service providers (first Novato Disposal and now Recology) have maintained the lowest garbage rates in Marin County. In 1982, we established the first curbside recycling program in Marin County. We are proud to continue to offer the best prices and most innovative service in the county.

Zero Waste Plan to Achieve Radical Increases in Recycling and Composting at Minimal Cost to Novato Customers.

In 2011, Novato Sanitary District amended its Franchise Agreement to make major progress toward achieving Zero Waste Goals at minimal cost to Novato residents.

Novato Sanitary District is the first community in Marin to formally incorporate zero waste goals in a franchise agreement and have a specific plan to achieve them. We are very proud of that.

The contract requires our franchise recycling, composting and garbage collection provider, currently Recology, to meet a series of performance goals, including achieving 80% diversion of waste to recycling by 2025.

Through our franchise recycling, compost and garbage collection providers, we have taken steps to reach zero waste goals:

  • implement school and residential single-family food waste composting.
  • expand food waste composting at apartments and condominiums.
  • increase recycling at commercial buildings and to multi-family customers.
  • Large scale supermarket and restaurant Food waste recycling is planned to begin soon.

Low Garbage Rates. Our customers are charged among the lowest in the county— about 20% to 40% below what most other neighboring communities are paying.

Where to Learn More: To learn more about recycling, composting and garbage collection services, visit the Recology website at:

This agreement will help us take recycling and composting to the next level and radically reduce what gets buried in the landfill